The Cocoon Utilities, Version 3.0

Copyright 1995-1997, Jeffrey Kotula and the University of Minnesota

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The Cocoon utilities process C++ include files and produce a net of web pages that document the libraries, classes, and global functions and types that are found in them. Cocoon relies on a small set of simple formatting conventions in the header files. Use of these conventions does not interfere with most formatting preferences, and does not obfuscate the code. (Cocoon is fairly flexible, and can probably do something useful even with code that doesn't comply with its usual conventions...)

Here is everything you need to know to use Cocoon:

* Sample of Cocoon Output
* User's Guide
* What's New in 3.0
* The Theory behind Cocoon
* Planned or Considered Enhancements
* Upgrading from Cocoon 1.0
* Copyright Information
* Distribution

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