Cocoon Copyright Information

Copyright 1995-1997, Jeffrey Kotula and the University of Minnesota

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I'm not much on legal stuff, but since there are very few restrictions on using Cocoon, I guess that's ok. All rights to the Cocoon utilities are owned by me, Jeff Kotula, esquire, and the University of Minnesota.

You, as a user of Cocoon, are free too:
* Distribute or make publically available any Web pages produced by Cocoon. You can charge for access to these generated pages if you choose.
* Distribute Cocoon, unmodified and in its entirety, to anyone else as long as you maintain the rest of the conditions found here. You may not charge any fee of any kind for this.
You may not:
* Distribute Cocoon, or any of its constituent utilities, for profit.
* Distribute altered versions of Cocoon or any of its constituent utilities.
* Alter the copyright rules.
* Exceed the speed of light.

Cocoon 3.0. Created with pride, distributed with fear... by