Cocoon Distribution

Copyright 1995-1997, Jeffrey Kotula and the University of Minnesota

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Please provide your e-mail address when requesting a download of Cocoon. Files are downloaded in tar format, uncompressed. The source distribution is about 350 in size. There is a straightforward Makefile for the source code which you can tailor to your local environment. Before downloading, you may wish to check out the copyright information.

E-mail address
If you find Cocoon useful, you may want to consider subscribing to the Cocoon mailing list...

The documentation pages are also available for distribution. This can be convenient for quick local access to the documentation. You will likely want to use the alternate server customization in conjunction with the local documentation.

The distribution is also available via anonymous ftp from The source code distribution is in the file /users/kotula/srcfiles.tar. The documentation distribution is in the file /users/kotula/docfiles.tar.

Cocoon 3.0. Created with pride, distributed with fear... by