Sample of Cocoon Output

Copyright 1995-1997, Jeffrey Kotula and the University of Minnesota

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The Cocoon utilities were written to be compliant with the Cocoon formatting constraints, so they not only implement the utilities, but provide an example of the kind of web pages cocoon produces.

Cocoon makes a documentation page for each class, and a page for each library. A library is used to organize a set of classes and is assumed to correspond to a single source code directory. The class pages contain all documentation that is provided with the class definitions, as well as browsable summaries of the members within the classes, and the inheritance hierarchy. The library pages contain lists detailing the classes within them, as well as their global data types, functions and variables.

Additionally, Cocoon produces a keyword cross-reference page. Minimally, this will contain a list of all the libraries and classes that were found. The following links go directly to the keyword cross-reference page, from which the rest of the stuff can be accessed.

* Here is the vanilla version...
* Here is the flavored version...
Two sets of the sample pages are provided: the first set shows the output that is produced by Cocoon if none of its many customization options is used; the second is flavored with a whole mess of customizations.

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