CS 2010 Homework 6   - Due September 30


Select the draw.ss TeachPack that comes with DrScheme. When you select Add Teachpack menu item, the dialog should start in a directory that contains a htdp directory, and draw.ss is in the htdp directory.


Interactive Game, up to and including section 2.5. See the corrections below.

Handin only requires code that is needed to play the game with many shots against the UFO. For example, you do not need to handin up-or-down or move-ufo (as opposed to move-ran-ufo.

You do need to handin code that executes. The handin server will attempt to run your code (with the draw.ss teachpack loaded). However, the server will not check for specific functions or tests.

Corrections to the Game Web Page

  1. Figures 6 and 7 call move-ufo, but they should probably call move-ran-ufo instead.

Last update: Monday, September 29th, 2003