CS 2010 Lab 3 Instructor Plan

  1. Choose a representation for toast:
  2. Implement yummy-toast?. Toast is yummy when it's white bread toasted to a level between 6 and 8 inclusive. (You or your class may have a different opinion. Define "yummy" however you like.)
  3. Choose a representation for bagels:
  4. Implement yummy-bagel? (appropriately defined).
  5. Define the datatype for bread (which is toast or bagel).
  6. Implement yummy-bread?.
  7. Choose a representation for toasters:
  8. Implement should-turn-on-toaster?. Don't turn on the toaster if it's already on, or if the bread is a bagel has cream cheese or isn't sliced, or if the bread is toasted more than level 6 already. (The implementation will involve new functions on bread, etc.)

Try to get at least as far as yummy-bread?. You probably won't have time to get through should-turn-on-toaster?.

Last update: Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003