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28 01 2005

Fri, 28 Jan 2005

MST3K Episode List
Here's the current list of all Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes I have in my collection. Some are on DVD, some on VHS, and some in mpeg or avi format.

TitleEpisodeCastGenreRunning TimeFormat
Mitchell???Joe Don Baker, Linda EvansCrime Drama/ComedyFar too longDVD
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank???Raul JuliaScience Fiction00:00DVD
Manos: Hands of Fate???Bad ActorsHorror? (I guess)00:00DVD
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians???ChristmasDVD

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Command Line Niftyness
Every so often I find a command that has some nifty feature that I didn't know about. I want to document those commands and their features here.

Finding the full pathname of a file
The 'readlink' command is used to get the name of the file that a symbolic link points to. Normally it sends the exact contents of the symlink to stdout, but with the '-f' option it will resolve the full path to the file and send that to stdout instead. Useful if you want to determine from within a script the full pathname of a file. An additional bit of niftyness is that this works on non-symlink files too as long as you pass the -f option.

I think that only the linux version of readlink does this. There is a standard C library function called realpath() that does the same thing.

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