Compiling and Running

Now you should understand the ``squat'' problem that our C program solves. And even though we haven't yet talked about the individual lines in the program, you should be able to look at ``joints.c'' and have a pretty good idea how it works.

Take a moment to read the programs and try to understand how they determine the position of the squatter's knee joint. Don't worry if you don't ``know'' how to write C. Using your own knowledge of the engineering problem, you should be able to figure out, more or less, what the programs do and how they do it.

Does the program look anything like your Maple or paper-and-pencil solution?

Reading a program isn't nearly as exciting as running a program. Now that you know more or less what our program does, let's have the computer do it!

Eric N. Eide
Hamlet Project
Department of Computer Science
University of Utah